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The Big Short

The first draft of the final essay must be 300-500 words and will basically consist of the first page of your essay, which you will submit to Canvas for your TA to provide evaluation, advice, and commentary on revision/expansion. Your draft must include MLA formatting and a well-developed introductory paragraph that includes the following:

1) an attention-grabbing opening sentence or two,

2) introduction of your film (in italics) and director’s full name (only last name thereafter),

3) a brief summary (approximately 2-5 sentences) that is integral to the development of your argument, and

4) a clear and contestable thesis statement at the very end of the paragraph (1-2 sentences).

After your introductory paragraph, you must include an outline of how you expect your essay to proceed. Include your topic sentences for each body paragraph and the main points you will be supporting.

Take a look at the Term Essay Outline Template and use it when writing your essay and organizing your ideas.

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