Multiple-choice questions

1) Which of the following values of r represents the strongest relationship between 2 variables?

a. 0.55

b. 0.00

c. 0.78

d. -0.80

2) YandX are correlated linearly, if 49% of the total variability of Y is accounted by X, what is the value of r?

a. 0.49

b. 0.51

c. 0.70

d. 0.30

3) The least-squares regression line minimizes _____.

a. s

b. sY.X

c. ∑(Y-Y’)2

4) the total degree of freedom for an ANOVA with n1=10, n2=12, n3=10 is _____.

a. 2

b. 32

c. 31

d. 29

5) By doing multiple t tests when there are more than 2 experimental groups we are increasing the risk

of making what kind of mistake?

a. Accepting H0

b. Type I error

c. Type II error

d. All of the above

6) An ANOVA compares 6 groups with 6 subjects in each group, α=.01. In Tukey’s HSD, q value is


a. 4.30

b. 4.23

c. 5.24

d. 5.37