Q1 (Q13 of text book):
Name three appliances that are candidates for being run by an embedded CPU? (2 points)
Q2 (Q14 of text book)
At a certain point in time, a transistor on a chip was 0.1 micron in diameter. According to Moore’s law,
how big would a transistor be on next year’s model? (2 points)
Chapter 2
Q3 (Q3 of text book)
On a computer 1, all instructions take 10 nsec to execute. On computer 2, they all take 5 nsec to execute.
Can you say for certain that computer 2 is faster? Discuss. Hint: pipeline. (2 points)
Q 4 (Q11 of text book)
A certain computer can be equipped with 1,073,741,824 bytes of memory. Why would a manufacturer
choose such a peculiar number, instead of an easy-to-remember number like 1,000,000,000? (2 points)
Q5 (not from text book)
Device a (11,7) Hamming codeword for a 7-bit data field 1010101. Show and explain how the transmitted
codeword will be generated? How it will be confirmed at the receiving end that no errors have occurred
during the transmission? Show with an example, how errors and the locations of the errors will be
detected and corrected. (6 points)

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