Profiling a Professional Sports Franchise You must use at least 3 academic sources For your second essay, you will be profiling a professional sports franchise (New York Yankees.) Your task is to select a team/club/organization from around the world and create 3-4 page essay that comprehensively examines the team’s operations off the field. Your essay should highlight the team as it currently stands as a business, its business strategies, and any relevant information you believe should be shared. Along with presenting the information about the team, also make some projections. What does the future look like for this organization? Are they systems in place to ensure its future? Does it have a sustainable operation? Think about some questions that you can ask and then use those questions to draw conclusions. Although the majority of this essay is a presentation of the information, you should be examining the information and thinking about what it means. Think about if there are “uncontrollable factors” impacting the team. * Remember: Professional Sports Organizations are businesses. Examine these organizations from this perspective. Again, this is a research-based essay, so your information should be retrieved from respected sources. As before, follow the standard formatting rules that have been laid out in the syllabus. Some possible elements to include, you do not need to include all of these: 1) Examine the team’s roster. i) How are the players on the team representative of the business as a whole? 2) Describe the team’s marketing. a) Logo – how has it changed over time? b) Branding strategies – How does the team market itself? How does it seek out new fans? c) Uniform / Colors – is there significance to the business? d) Mascot i) What is the relevance/relationship between the mascot and the city/region? 3) Profile the CEO/Owner a) How did this person make his/her fortune? b) How was the team acquired? For how much? c) What other interests/notoriety does this person have 4) Location a) How did the team end up there? b) History/Impact in the city c) What financial role/impact does the team have in the city? d) Analyze the region/city/location the team operates in. What financial impact does that play? 5) Team demographics a) Who is the fan base? b) Demographics / Economic status c) Competition with other teams/sports in town or region 6) Financials of the Team a) Salaries of players i) Top earners, average salaries, best contracts worst contracts b) Earnings c) Marketing d) Market Size / Trends e) Merchandizing f) International holdings / impact 7) Media coverage a) Local/national coverage b) Broadcasting c) Market Share/ exposure 8) Influence/Effect on Popular Culture a) Social impact b) Community impact c) Influence Current Events play on the organization

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