The paper is in 7 parts about a vulnerable population that I want to learn more about, I choose youth in the NYC foster care system. I have to email the guidelines Description and rationale: This project will help you learn more about a vulnerable population in which you have an interest. You will complete set of activities that will help you acquire new professional competencies to address the needs of the population and enable you to become more effective helper. In addition, you will examine your own needs and formulate a plan of action to continue building competencies and enhance your effectiveness as a human service professional. Complete all seven parts with your paper. You may use each part as heading and or subheading. Part 1: write a 1 to 2 paragraph introduction where you provide an overview of what you will discuss in this paper. For example why did you choose this population? Part 2: discuss the Social, economic, political, and psychological stressors that affect this population. Taking these stresses into account, developing a hypothetical community counseling program incorporating services that fall into four quadrants described in chapter 1. Learning objectives; to acquire program planning skills Part 3: describe transitions and situations that are likely to contribute to make members of this population develop problems. Select one or two problems that you think can be prevented. Describe some of the things you can do as a counselor to help these persons prevent these problems in the future. Select one or two transitions that you think can’t be prevented. Describes some things you can do as a counselor to have these persons develop coping strategies and personal strengths that would enable them to deal with the transitions more effectively. Learning objectives: to learn helping strategies to address needs of vulnerable populations. Part 4: reflecting on the information provided in chapter 6, describe how you would use indirect client services to create a responsive helping network for your client population. Be as specific as possible. . What types of client advocacy services could you initiate that would help expand the helping network currently available for your clients? . What self – help options can you identify for this group? . What kinds of political action strategies would you be willing to support in creating a more expensive helping network? . What sort of coalition-building efforts do you think would be helpful in fostering the kind of helping network that would more effectively meet your clients’ unique needs? Learning objectives: to create a helping network that is responsive to clients’ needs. Part 5: Suppose you had the opportunity to manage a community counseling program that offers this services you have described in this paper. What skills do you have now that would help you manage the program? What skills you need to develop to be more effective manager in the future? Referred to Lewis, chapter 5 and 8. Learning objective: to develop managerial effectiveness

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