On The Strategist – (Book The Strategist, Cynthia Montgo

On The Strategist – (Book: The Strategist, Cynthia Montgomery, Harper Business, 2012 )In The Strategist, Cynthia Montgomery challenges you the future leader to confront four basic questions:what does my organization bring to the world? Does that difference matter? Is something about it scarceand difficult to imitate? Are we doing today what we need to do in order to matter tomorrow? i. Please answer these four questions as though you are speaking to the board and they expectyou to be candid and concise. Please refer to the CEO company for this responseRequirement:The organization of your answers, the complexity of your analysis, and the clarity of your critical thinking are the key elements of your evaluation.Use endnotes to cite your sources using full APA bibliographic formatting including page numbers.1000 words MinimumNo plagiarism

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