Online Connection: Love and Friendship

Choose a subtopic category (1. The Self on Social Media; 2. Online Connection: Love and Friendship; 3. Online Gaming and Identity)for your research paper, familiarize yourself with the material, and come up with a topic you would like to explore for your final paper. Make sure the scope of your topic is suitable for the target project (4-5 page paper). Once you decided the topic you want to focus on for your research paper, develop a guiding research question and a working hypothesis to guide your research; your question and/or your working hypothesis should require you to analyze rather than describe (i.e., focus on how and why rather than what). Based on readings and previous assignments, write a research paper that presents findings in response to your research question. Revise and incorporate parts of previous assignments as components for your paper, and add original writing to craft a coherentand academic Clearly introduce your research questionand state your thesis. Define key terms and concepts if necessary. Present the findings of your research, analyze them, and develop your own argument based upon your findings. Clearly show how yourresearch informsyour argument and how your analysis/argument contributes to the existing research. When you finish your paper, revise and edit it carefully. Draw on campus resources such as the Writing Center for assistance.

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