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We will be using the NHAMCS 2016 DATASET to create visuals in TABLEAU. The variables in parenthesis are the way they appear in the EXCEL dataset (link posted above). Create data visuals to depict the relationship between the following among ED visits: 1.Opioid prescription (OPIOID PRES) and Gender (SEX)/Pain scale (PAINSCALE) 2.Opioid prescription (OPIOID PRES) and Ethnic group (RACERETH)/Pain (PAINSCALE) 3.Opioid prescription (OPIOID PRES) and the type of visit (RFV1) 4. Opioid prescription (OPIOID PRES) and some other factor of your choice. Create a dashboard and put these together. Explain in 2-3 sentences the purpose of the dashboard.



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