pain assessment in non-communicatice patients


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student nurse will use knowledge gained through class work, clinical, and independent library investigation to produce a 6-7 page (excluding title page and reference list) paper on one of the following topics:

Topic: Pain Assessment in the Non-communicative ICU patient

1. A word-processed paper utilizing APA 6th Edition rules for formatting and correct citation of references is required.
2. The paper must:
a. be based on a foundational study (see above topic),
b. describe the clinical problem or issue,
c. state a purpose,
d. review the standards of care,
N424: High-acuity paper

e. overview the essential nursing interventions pertaining to the issue, and
f. explain how the interventions will be incorporated into ones nursing practice
g. indicate the role of a another profession in the interdisciplinary care of the patient with the indicated clinical problem, and
h. have a conclusion
3. A minimum of 2 supporting nursing articles (recent > 2008) from reputable PRINT nursing journals (may be electronically accessed) must be used.
4. The reference list will be submitted for approval in advance of the due date.
5. Use of one web resource. Web sources must be .gov, .org or .edu.
6. A High-Acuity paper checklist will be provided to insure that all required elements have been addressed (must be turned in on Blackboard).
7. A detailed grading rubric will be posted on the course blackboard site.
8. All papers will utilize the plagiarism scanning program TURNITIN.

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