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Lets put your strategy into practice! You have critically read your selected journal article, made notes, and outlined three main points. You will now paraphrase the three main points that you selected from last weeks Assignment. This is a crucial part of the writing process because you are letting your reader know that you understand an authors ideas.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the three main ideas you selected from the Week 2 Assignment. (See attached article)
Review the Learning Resources related to paraphrase and academic integrity.
Review the content of your selected journal article.
The Assignment:

Paraphrase in APA format the three directly-quoted main points of the journal article you selected. Your paraphrases should combine to form 1 paragraph. (see attached article and last week paper)

Remember that you are writing a first draft, and the important thing is to better understand the focus of each main idea to rewrite in your own words. While you should always strive for the best writing possible, at this stage, do not dwell too much on each word or overly edit your work. We will spend the next few weeks revising.

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