Part I: Lesson Plans

– For this section you create 60% (for example 3 out of 5 lessons) of the lesson plans for your entire unit. When designing your lesson plans choose a format that works for you and includes ALL the following components: The student objectives for that day’s plan – In measurable terms. What you want them to do at the end of the lesson (Begun in the M5 Discussion 1). The student will be able to (can be abbreviated to SWBAT) You can also include items such as “students will know” and “students will be able to understand that” (Estes & Mintz, 2016, p. 155) if this is formatting you are choosing to use. The unit plan outcomes the objectives support.(Begun in M2 Written Assignment) Unit Plan Outcome # The Next Generation standards being supported by your lesson. (Begun in the M3 Written Assignment). Next Gen Standard (can be abbreviated as NGS) Materials needed for the lesson. The readings for each lesson. (if necessary – these are readings you can assign, students read together, you read to the class, etc). This should include any technology you will be using and the name of the application and/or website if applicable. (Begun in M5 Written Assignment) Any and all student handouts must be included Place them in order just behind the lesson plan for the day they are used in. Anticipatory Set (Begun in M6 Discussion 2) Your ‘hook’ for getting students interested in your lesson and thinking about what they know and have learned. Procedures The steps to your lesson What you will say to the students. What they will do. any learning activities, assessments (formative and/or summative), etc. ALL of these should support the student outcomes which are related to the standards. Technology use MUST be included for at least half of your lessons – this can happen anywhere in the lesson (Begun in the M5 Written Assignment). Remember, to check for learning on a daily basis and that not every assessment is paper and pencil – think broadly – projects, observation, exit tickets, discussion, drawings – these can all be ‘assessments’ (Begun in M4 Written Assignment) This is the step-by-step portion of your plan that anyone should be able to pick up and teach for you. Student notes and teacher notes. This should be very detailed. Closure How you will end the lesson and what students should think about or be prepared for in the next lesson. Remember these are still rough drafts and I will be giving you feedback. Do the best you can and do not get discouraged if this seems like a lot of work. It is.

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