Can you help me understand this Writing question?


The last piece of writing we are going to work on for this first unit of ours is Paulo Friere’s: Chapter 2 of Pedagody of the Oppressed.

I want to warn you that this text is a tough read, so you will really want to take your time with it this week. You are all capable of reading and understanding it. I have no doubt! But you will have to read slowly and use the reading strategies we learned about last two weeks.

Step 1:

Below is your text. Please read it carefully. Take notes, annotate, highlight if you can.


The text is 12 pages long. I know it might seem long, but I know you can do it. For each page, write a short summary (2-4 sentences) that tells me you understood what that specific page was about.

I should see 12 little summaries. You can either upload your summary notes handwritten or you can upload them as a Word or PDF document. Make sure to mark which chapter each summary is for if you are choosing the second option.