Performance Management System at Deloitte

The Question: critically evaluate how the Deloitte ensures their people performance management system does not fail? Format of the written work: • 2,500-word critical analysis of the statement above. Absolute upper limit = 2750 words or Lower limit = 2250 words) • Clearly state the total number of words on the first page of the essay. • Word count includes everything in the main body of the essay (including headings, tables, citations, quotes, lists, acronyms and numbers expressed as digits or in words, etc.) • The reference/ bibliography pages and any Appendix at the end are excluded from the word count. • Should be word processed (i.e. make sure you check for spelling errors and some basic proof reading should be evident) • Please submit the final document in word format (.doc/ .docx). Criteria for Assessment Your written assignment will be assessed under three main categories (Structure, Content and Presentation). Within those categories, there are six-mark bandings and each category is also subdivided into the criteria that will be assessed when allocating your work to a particular mark band. It will be possible for you to do well in one category and less well in another and your final mark will be determined by your overall performance across all three categories. Some notes for the writer: – this paper need to be very very critical as required by the professor. (Relate it to HR theories) – Harvard Referencing – Identify the organisation at first – Try to focus on one sector in Deloitte (consulting preferably or whatever you’re familiar with) – critically relate the organisation to performance improvement plans ( as solution for the system not to fail) – Relate the topic to Talors four principles of scientific management (Optional to writer) – talk about how are they affectively managing it after changing their whole system – How is their system has reflected the Training & Development – Henry mintzberg organisation in fives (could be related to topics) – Have a PESTLE analysis for Deloitte and how is that going to reflect on their performance Management systems.

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