Please watch the lecture [the fellow with the objectively spectacular eyebrows wraps up his intro at around 6:12 in the video], and reflect on it in light of the ideas and questions we have been exploring in class. Then write at least 1 page (single-space

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• Do you agree or disagree with Sagan’s arguments regarding the importance of scientific literacy amongst the general public? • What are the “lessons” that can be taken from Earth’s nearest neighbors in the solar system? How do these lessons relate to recent or ongoing challenges facing the human species? • This lecture was delivered over a quarter century ago. What are some of the predicted outcomes of increasing atmospheric CO2 that Sagan outlines? How many of these continue to be issues moving forward? • What is the geopolitical analogy Sagan makes to argue that climate change should be addressed aggressively even if one considers it a remote contingency? Do you buy this analogy? Why or why not? • What are some of the potential mitigation strategies for dealing with these challenges that Sagan suggests? Do you agree with his assessment of the merits and drawbacks of these approaches?

Will give link to the video when tutor is chosen.

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