Goal: To provide you the opportunity to satisfy these course objectives:


Articulating and describing key concepts, ideas and arguments

Critically analyzing and criticizing various arguments for soundness and validity

Present a thoughtful, interesting, and well structured paper. 


Write a 4-5 page paper .


  1. In this well known Youtube clip of a UCLA (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQR01qltgo8) expressing agitation at the perceived rudeness of Asian students in the main library, we see a number of themes that are present in our discussion of the experiences and outcomes of minority groups. Read Marger’s discussion of Asian Americans and provide a critique of the claims and assertions made of the student in light of what Marger says about the history and experiences of Asians.


This is a critical assignment. By that I mean that you are not just describing some view or views, but you are to clearly and precisely present a view and provide a critical discussion of that view. Your paper should have two components: a component where you lay out Dawson’s view. Then 



Submission instructions:


You will give me two separate documents, a cover sheet and the body of the paper.


Your cover sheet must have at least these features:


  1. Name
  2. Student identification number
  3. Signature
  4. Title of the paper
  5. Double Space


In addition to having the prose in which you answer the above question, the body of the paper must follow these guidelines


  1. Student identification number only! Not your name
  2. Pages numbered
  3. Twelve point font and one inch margins on all sides (I do check!)
  4. Pages attached to one another (via staple or paper clip. Do not attach them to the cover sheet!)

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