Policy Changes Towards Vaccine Exemptions

The main eliminate religious exemptions to vaccinations. You will begin in the Pre-Implementation Plan (labeled proposed activities on the rubric) and up to the evaluation. Please follow both rubric attached and capstone template. This proposal for change is state jurisdiction not on an organization. Some suggestions from the teacher are: Technology: 1. What state tracking systems are in place and what will be needed? 2. How will your proposed change impact that? 3. Where are the reason codes located? 4. What will follow-up look like to communicate to unvaccinated persons? Health Literacy: 1. What information is available from the state about immunizations? 2. What is your plan to re-evaluate these documents and what health literacy strategies will apply? Administrative Policies: This can be tricky! 1. What are the procedural policies for care providers regarding immunizations? (Later in the Implementation Plan, can you address the organizational policies and what the state will need to do to assure organizations adhere to state policies?). Healthcare Equity: 1. This will need to have a population based-discussion Please add the number of necessary resources to support the claim. Resources should not be older than 6 years-old.

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