PPT Presentation

The presentation should be supported by clear visual aids that would contribute to better understanding of the presentation content. The use of sufficient eye contact and appropriate body language is required. Engaging techniques during the presentation will be an asset. The Power Point of each group presentation should be submitted via Brightspace (a group submission) on the day it is due before the class starts. While preparing for this assessment, you should follow the steps: 1) Prepare a 10-minute group presentation based on the reading(s) and/or videos recommended by the instructor. It should be a summary of the reading(s) with your specific thoughts and reflections on the topic. The presentation should have a clear structure with an introduction, main part, and conclusion. 2) Construct five thought-provoking questions for a 15-minute class discussion. The class will be divided into groups with one student facilitator for each group. As a facilitator, you will stimulate the students’ participation by asking them questions and leading them through the discussion. 

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