Prepare a case study to include the following:
1. Name and business/industry of the entrepreneur.
2. Identification of the type or types of entrepreneur that
would categorize the person you selected, with a brief
explanation of why you have identified them in
this/these categories.
3. Your analysis of the characteristics of your chosen
entrepreneur and why these characteristics have led to
successful outcomes.
4. Identify and analyze how creative thinking, design
thinking and innovation has or has not been a success
factor in the entrepreneur’s journey.
5. Identify how success and failure has featured in the
journey, and analyze any relationship this has to the
characteristics of the entrepreneur’s mindset.
6. Explain your choice of information you have researched
to support your case study. Analyze whether the
information chosen was suitable to elicit the best
understanding of entrepreneurial characteristics for
7. What were the key learnings of the entrepreneur, and
how would they leverage these learnings in the future.
8. Reference List (not included in word count).
9. Appendix. Questions inclusive of the ten provided and
the five or more you have constructed.

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