Research Project Literature Review

Task:Prepare a research topic literature review in two parts.

· The first part develops the rationale for your future research project and research question framing its relevance and importance to particular stakeholders.

· The second part details the academic literature that grounds your research question in theory.

( All reference material must be correctly cited and referenced in APA style)


The Research Project Literature Review will include the project’s aims and rationale and provide a literature review.

Research question

· Why is customer behavior data so Important in OTT platform? · Why extreme personalization is important in streaming business(OTT)? Research Objectives & their relevance

· Identify the new face of the TV industry (Impacts of the Streaming Model on Television Industry)

· Comparative assessment of satisfaction level of viewers of Netflix and other video streaming platforms · Identify the potential drivers that determine the perceived value of content streaming platforms · Identify the factors that influence the consumers choice for content streaming platforms · To identify the trend set by the Netflix in terms of content diversity, quality, affordability and ease of access that are acting as factors behind attracting and retaining viewers

Scope:This assessment item is designed to be a major contribution to your Master’s Research Project and as such should be scoped to provide an appropriate platform to anchor discussions with your supervisors. It is also likely that as the Research develops there will be later modifications to the work presented at this time.

Length and Presentation:Presentation will be in the format of a literature review in the style of an academic paper. The typical length will be minimum 4,000 words.

Criteria by which your assignment will be marked:

This assignment will be assessed on the overall basis of completeness, presentation and clarity of your Project rationale and research literature review. The document should reflect professional academic quality. The aims should be clear; the rationale well defined; the theoretical research area should be clearly justified with preliminary investigations detailed. The relationship between your chosen topic and literature should be explicit, reasoned and argued.

The Research Project Literature Review Outline will need to demonstrate appropriate use of references. (Use the APA referencing system).

Specifically, the criteria by which you will be assessed by are (refer also attached rubric):

· The relevance of your literature search and articulation of key concepts (40%)

· The strength of your arguments in linking rationale to theoretical base (40%)

· Accurate citations and referencing in APA style (10%)

· Overall presentation including correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation (10%)

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