Pretend the art club has monies left over and asked the students to weigh in on a potential artist (Ai WeiWei, Inka Essenhigh, Emma Sulkowicz) visit to the school. What are your thoughts regarding your assigned artist?

Reference at least one artwork or style known by this artist and why it might be of benefit to Palm Beach State Students. How does the work of these contemporaries relate to their predecessors (Dadaists, Surrealists, or the Gutai)? How does the subject matter of this artist relate to your peers? If you are in disagreement with this artist as a potential speaker share your reasons, also. Submit your proposal in a minimum of 500 words, and then respond to at least two of your peer’s submissions. Responses should be either in support of or against the student’s proposal. Supportive responses should include at least one artwork example not previously mentioned in the initial thread. In peer responses, provide one counterargument to your peers. Counter arguments should be supported with valid points and logic (Be respectful of other’s ideas). Be specific and use supporting details from the artist’s life or artwork. All work should be cited in APA format. (Assignment time expectation: 3-4 hours

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