Process of requirements analysis


Determining requirements gathering techniques is one part of the process of requirements analysis. Requirements analysis includes planning all the steps you will take before, during and after you have gathered requirements. A well-planned and thorough requirements analysis will help to ensure you build software that meets your customers’ needs. Consider the following scenario: You are a software consultant who is contracted by Pennywise National Bank to develop their next-generation online banking system. You are thinking about the best approach to start the analysis phase for this project. Write a 3- to 5-page requirements analysis plan that summarizes what you need to do and how you should prepare to conduct this analysis. If you need to make assumptions, state them clearly and explain your reasoning. Cover the following points: a).What are the requirement gathering techniques you should use? b). What are the significant risks in this phase? What methods can mitigate these risks? Limit your list to 8–10 identified risks. c). How should you deal with the possibility of requirements change? d). Which two UML diagrams would be most relevant for this analysis?

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