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This will include suits which present a conservative formal appearance. Behaviors/Characteristics Professionals will be assertive while being tactful using professional vocabulary. They will stand with good posture while being aware of personal space using strong communication skills. Was this individual professional? Yes, his business suit showed his through dress attire demonstrated his professional attitude towards his work. He looked clean cut meaning he showers and combs his hair in routine as well as brushes his teeth.

His laid back smile purposed that he enjoys what he does which promotes his job to others and makes him easier to trust from a citizen. What made the individual professional (consider attire, communication skills, presentation of self, etc. )? His attire was professional as he was dressed in a suit. He presented himself very assured and confident of himself. He appeared clean, feed, bathed and appropriate. He appears to be someplace other than his office, which may raise questions. Were there aspects presented that were not professional?

If so, please describe. He did not present any aspect that I thought were out of place. Although his smile could be inappropriate depending on what he was talking about or the matter at hand. The only other thing I could question is where he was when this picture was taken. He did not appear to be in his office, maybe a library. I believe you should be in your office when discussing appropriate behavior and dress. Include any additional thoughts. Part 2: Personal Reflection and Connection What is the appropriate attire for an individual in your profession?

Slacks are appropriate both for females and males as a social worker; this does not change from what Amber Shier has informed me. While she wears nice but casual shirts to work she has informed me that in her profession under Department of Family Services for a small town. This is probably not appropriate for a big city, she informed me that every business in every city has their own rules everyone must follow. Describe what makes someone a professional in your field. Use research and/or reflect on your personal experiences and what you know about our profession (or the profession you will work in).

Social work is such a wide field of study, there are so many different types of social workers out there it is really hard for there to be a set standard appropriate for every social worker. Although a Foster care, Adoption Social Worker would be expected to wear a suit. What behavioral attributes do you practice that identify you as a professional (review the Week 1 content for ideas)? As a social worker, “Regardless of what field you work in you must follow the privacy guidelines as you are working with a variety of customers” (S.

Amber, personal communication, December 12, 2014). Professional curtsey is important as you work with children and possibly disabled adults. What attributes, such as attire, communication skills, and presentation of self, do you possess that make you professional? I am very well dressed, take care of my hygiene. My communication skills are professionally appropriate regardless of working with children, or adults. I am very sure of myself, present myself clean cut, well taken care of these skills I obtain make me ready for the professional advancement in my career.

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