Profile background on extremism

 personality & psychologically profiling extremists. – what are the backgrounds, statistics based on surveys. – how can we know the traits of someone becoming extremist? How could we deal with them. – how can we treat/ deal with people who already joint the extremist group? Are there programs that could be used to reverse this action? Could there be a possibility? What does geneva conventions and UN conventions tell us about extremists. – explain that not all extremist is a terrorist. Different in definition between extremism, radicalization and terrorism. Examples of countries that use profiling people tended to go wirh extremsim and did they stop them through less of a military forced action and more of paccific/ise of soft power. (Example of spain, france, italy and the UK) how they integrated culture in their intelligence and defense system (instead of using hard pard power, they approach it through culture knowledge and soft Power). What roles could a diplomat play in this part?

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