ProjectThisassignment provides you with an opportunity to c

ProjectThisassignment provides you with an opportunity to create a code of ethics for youand your family, as well as to explain the strategies and thought processesthat went into developing the code. First, create an original code of ethicsfor your family by thinking about your family as an organization. In your codeof ethics, please include the following items: guidingprinciples, purpose ofthe code, corevalues, trainingand education (How will you train and educate others about the code?), definitions,who itcovers, missionstatement, and otherpertinent elements you feel necessary to have a comprehensive code of ethics. The nextpart of this assignment involves an evaluation, where you describe the thoughtprocess behind the code of ethics that you prepared. For the evaluation part ofthis assignment, draft an essay to include the following items: Identify the key roles of those who have a vested interest in the ethicalbehavior that your code defines. Explain the strategies and thought processes that you used to formulate thecode. Explain how you would strategically implement and communicate the code toothers in the organization. Explain how you will monitor the practice of ethical decision-making.  Providedthat laws exist and have been enacted for resolving conflict, why do we alsoneed a code of ethics? In theprocess of writing your code, you must research the topic of codes of ethicsand incorporate at least two articles, no older than five years. Your code andevaluation must be at least 1,000 words. Format the code as you like; however,be sure it is professional and legible. Format the evaluation part of theassignment by using APA Style. Save both parts in one Word document.

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