Promoting equitable quality of care.

As a master’s-level nurse you will be responsible for promoting equitable quality of care. In the biopsychosocial (BPS) model of care, there are a number of areas where you can have an impact on improving the quality, safety, and equitability of care. One example area where equitable quality of care is an issue is with medications, especially considering the cost of various medications to treat the same condition versus the effectiveness and potential side-effects of the medications. A further pharmacological concern for safe and quality care is medication errors. This could include considerations like a patient getting the wrong medication or a dangerous interaction due to other aspects of a patient’s health and treatment situation. An example could be vitamin or herbal supplements the patient has not disclosed as part of the medication reconciliation process. Scenario For this assignment, you may take any number of approaches. Two suggestions are: Build upon the clinical issue that was the focus of your Unit 6 Change Strategy and Implementation assignment, and turn it into a full, organization- or community-wide quality improvement (QI) initiative. Or, identify a new issue related to a BPS clinical issue, or a clinical issue related to one of the conditions, disorders, or diseases from the Review of Evidence for Treating Specific Disorders discussion in Unit 1. The focus here should be on a community rather than on a specific patient or health care setting. As a master’s-level nurse, your specific focus is on reviewing the implications of the data relevant to the clinical issue you are trying to address. Once you research this, review the aggregate data, and understand the BPS considerations relevant to the clinical issue, you can suggest strategies for improving the quality, equitability, and safety of care around the issue. You should act as an advocate for the value and need to pursue quality improvements to leadership and executives, as well as be able to present potential projects to a wide range of colleagues and community stakeholders. Instructions Create an abstract and a poster for a presentation to executive-level leadership of the organization, to the community, or to your colleagues that will sell them on your quality improvement plan.

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