Community and Key Stakeholders
a) Provide, in one or two paragraphs, a brief, general description of the community.
b) Provide in the next paragraph(s), the demographic information about the community. This can
best be done within the general description of the community. You can use bullet points to
describe the various demographic factors you observe. For our purposes, you do not have to
have quantifiable data. You can use pictures and images to assist in this. (Demographic
information refers to descriptors of the community such as age, gender, ethnicity, income, etc.)
c) In subsequent paragraph(s),provide values/beliefs information about the community. What are
the common values and beliefs associated with this community? You may want to use bullet
points here as well. You may want to use a quote from a member of the community. Some
communities may not be tied by values, e.g. a neighborhood or apartment complex which is tied
together by geography. It is still important to find out what their beliefs are about their
neighborhood or apartment complex.
d) Who are the key stakeholders with the community? (A stakeholder can be thought of as
someone or a group that has an interest in or will be affected by an organization, entity, or
outcome.) It is important to identify the community leaders and key opinion leaders with the
community. Briefly discuss their role in the community in a paragraph.
Note: This first section will likely be drawn from your experiences with a community with which you
are very familiar. Even though you are familiar with community, you should spend some time

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