This activity is an opportunity for you to closely examine a contemporary policy issue between the state of Texas and the United States federal government. Over its history, the Texas government has had many conflicts with the national government as part of the dynamics under a federal system of governance (federalism). Completing this activity is a mandatory component of this course. It serves as the standard course assessment for all GOVT 2306 students. Failure to submit and complete this project in its entirety will result in a failing grade for the course. There are three steps to completing this project.

Step 1 – Identifying the Issue

Identify an issue that involves federalism, then conduct research on how both the US federal government and Texas state government addressing it (this requires examining the history, application and effectiveness of laws at both levels). Pick one of the following topics: Women’s rights and funding for family planning Women’s rights and access to abortion services Public education policy and funding Public education policy and Common Core Environmental policy and air pollution Environmental policy and hydraulic fracking Affordable Care Act and Medicaid funding Joint law enforcement efforts to combat drug trafficking Joint law enforcement efforts to combat human trafficking Texas Voter ID Law and the Voting Rights Act (1965)

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