Qualitative Research Gambling Report

General Comments You did not include an abstract. The introduction was extremely short, and not all of the statements had references to support them. Research question III was not appropriate to a qualitative study and wasn’t something you could answer from looking at the transcript you were given. There was quite a bit of confusion evident over what this report should have been covering; I’m not sure where the yes/no questions you mentioned came from but you should have been carrying out a thematic analysis of the transcript provided. You should not have collected any data yourself for this (you mustn’t do that without ethical approval). I think you have misunderstood the purpose of the report, and the nature of the qualitative, thematic analysis. For example, you stated that you didn’t look at reasons behind responses because it was too cumbersome, but this is actually the point of thematic analysis, to look at these kinds of more elaborate responses in depth. You did demonstrate some recognition of key themes in the second paragraph of your results, but you haven’t reported them in the context of thematic analysis. It’s very difficult to tell which of the findings you mention was from the transcript, and which were from the yes/no questions you describe. The in-text citations were generally well-formatted, but there were some formatting errors in the reference list, so check your APA guidance on those

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