Aging of accounts receivable method – Excel FILE HOME INSERT PAGE LAYOUT FORMULAS DATA REVIEW VIEW Sign In 11 A A H |Calibri .AAli Conditional Format as Ce Formatting Table” Styles Styles Paste gnment Number CellsEditing Clipboard Font A1 x xercise Cycles Company sells exercise equipment to gyms on account. At year 182) Use the information above to complete the Aging of Accounts Receivable Schedule below. 19 If nothing belongs in a cell, leave it blank. Calculate each “Total” cell by USING THE EXCEL SUM FUNCTION (fx) and 20 include all possible cells, even if blank 21 23 24 25 Fitness Mania 26 Health for Life 27 Holistic Health Options 28 Image Reimaging 29 Today's Gym World 30 Whole Life Fitness Center 31 Workouts Unlimited 32 Total Accounts Receivable Number of Days Unpaid Customer 0-30 31-60 61-90 Over 90 Estimated Uncollectible( %) 2% 10% 25% 45% 34 Estimated Uncollectible ($)

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