Chamberlain Enterprises Inc. reported the following receivables in its December 31, 2016, year-end balance sheet:



The notes receivable account consists of two notes, a $80,000 note and a $250,000 note. The $80,000 note is dated October 31, 2016, with principal and interest payable on October 31, 2017. The $250,000 note is dated June 30, 2016, with principal and 5% interest payable on June 30, 2017.

During 2017, sales revenue totaled $1,410,000, $1,315,000 cash was collected from customers, and $29,000 in accounts receivable were written off. All sales are made on a credit basis. Bad debt expense is recorded at year-end by adjusting the allowance account to an amount equal to 10% of year-end accounts receivable.

On March 31, 2017, the $250,000 note receivable was discounted at the Bank of Commerce. The bank's discount rate is 8%. Chamberlain accounts for the discounting as a sale.