Chapter 10 quiz x C Sandler company complet x PB10-3 Recording and Reporting Current Liabilities LO 10-2] Sandler Company completed the folowing two transactions. The annual accounting period ends December a. On December 31, calculated the payroll, which indicates gross eamings for wages payroll deductions for income tax OS47 000) payroll deductions for FICA payroll deductions for United Way employer contributions fo (matching) and state and federal unemployment ($3.900). Employees were paid in cash. but payments for the corresponding payroll deductions have not been made and employer taxes have not yet been recorded. b. collected rent revenue of $2,070 on December for office space that Sandler rented to another business. The rent collected was for 30 days from December 11 to January 10 and was credited in full to Unearned Revenue. Required 1 & 2. Complete the required journal entries for the above transactions as shown below: Prepare the entries required on December 31 to record payroll. (i) Prepare the journal entry for the collection of rent on December 10. (ii) Prepare the adjusting joumal entry on December 31 (If no entry is required for a transaction/event, select “No Journal Entry Required” in the first account field.) view transaction ist view generalfoumalI Journal Entry worksheet Record the wages expense, including payroll deductions. Debit Credit Salaries and Wages Expense Withheld Income Taxes Payable 47,000 FICA Payable 39 000 Charitable Contributions Payable 5900 47,000 State and Federal Unemployment Tax Payable Enter debits before credits