Determine the amount that would be reported in ending merchandise inventory on January 15 using the weighted-average inventory costing method.

Requirement of 10 pt convenu… that would be reported in inventory by the gallon. The frst months milk purchases and sales at its Accounting fo Flushing.Michigan.location v Principles of complete) 2401 using 3 of the 1009 92 January 15 weighted-average ACCT ending merchandise inventory on milk Homework sales) 6 re maintains s ter and chain, inawrchas Chap the toy amount to vie regional 3.Determine icon (simiar requiremenis. nter the transactions in chronological order, inventory costng method nventory purchased sold, calculating new inventory on hand balan after each transaction once all of the transactons have been entered into me and on hand at the end of the period. (Enter all amounts to the nearest cent Purchases Cost of Goods Sold Inventory on Hand More info Date Quantity Cost cost Quantity cost cost ouantary cost Tvan Purchased galons 52.15 each Purchased 2 gallons S280 each 8sold 6 gallons of mak to a customer 13 Purchased 3 gallons @$2.85 each 4 Sold 4 gallons of milk to a Enter any number in the edit fields and then dick Check Answer Il parts showing 3825 JPG

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