DiscussionsAssignments P QuizzesClasslist Attendance 1/ Grades Chat Chapter 15 Quiz-Investments-Quiz 0.3357 Kierra Collins: Attempt1 debt Cash, o edit investment in Worton Corporation Save Question 16 (4 points) Zah Com an ons 40%of the vang sockofTr as Corporation and uses the eaty method n eor ngths nvestment Tomas reported a $20,000 net loss. Zach Corporation's entry would include a prac on Cnedit to cash for $8.000 O Debit to the investmens account Sor $8.000 O Credit to the investt account for $8.000 Debit to a less account for $8 00 Save Question 17 (4 points) Parker Comcamy owns -parent3

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