DQuestion 3 1 pts Sage Inc. sells DVD players. They use the last-in, first-out inventory costing method Using this method, they have an ending inventory balance of 200 units at $75 each. Because the price of DVD players has decreased, the replacement cost of a DVD player is $65 each. The DVD players normally sell for $110 each, but Sage Inc. is currently offering a promotional discount of 25% off the regular price. Sage Inc. should report balance. as their ending inventory O $13,000 O $15,000 O $16,500 O $22.000 Question 4 1 pts Hodges Department For the current year, Store reported the following data Goods available for sale December 31, inventory balance $1,074,450 85,430 The current replacement cost of inventory on balance sheet data is $91,730. Using the or-market rule, what is cost of goods sold for Hodges Department Store? O $982,720 O $989,020 O $897,290 O impossible to determine from the given data

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