Eait View History Bookmarks People Window Help e istory Bookmarks People Window Hel Automated Student Acces x M Chapter 4 HW Chapter 4 Quiz 17597703607049-150578 ps Bookmarks The Sky Blue Corporation has the following adjusted trial balance at December 31. Debit Credit 1,310 2,800 3,100 3,800 16,000 Cash Accounts Receivable Prepaid Insurance Notes Receivable (long-term) Equipment Accumulated Depreciation Accounts Payable Salaries and Wages Payable Income Taxes Payable Unearned Revenue Common Stock Retained Earnings Dividends Sales Revenue Rent Revenue Salaries and Wages Expense 4,200 6,220 1,400 3,700 760 3,200 1,320 380 49,230 380 23,200 2,100 5,020 2,200 6,800 3,700 Depreciation Expense Utilities Expense Insurance Expense Rent Expense Income Tax Expense Total $70,410 $70,410 Prepare closing journal entries on December 31. (If no entry is required for a transaction/event “No Journal Entry Required” in the first account field.) View transaction list