Emily Wells Fair the M The Most Expensive k m The M Kimmel, Accounting, 6e FINANCIA Assignment Gradebook ORION ment CALCULATOR FULL SCREEN Problem 6-5A You have the following information for sh Brothers Inc. for the month ended october 2017. Spish Brothers Inc uses a periodic method for inve 31, units Unit Cost or elling Price Description Oct. 1 Beginning inventory 62 Oct. 9 Purchase 118 Oct. 11 Sale 109 Oct. 17 Purchase 103 Oct. 22 Sale 61 38 Oct. 25 Purchase 28 Oct. 29 Sale 100 Calculate the weighted average cost. (Round answer to 3 decimal places, e.g. 5.125.) Weighted average cost per unit SHOW LIST OF ACCOUNTS Calculate ending inventory, cost of goods sold, gross profit under each of the following methods.