The following information was taken from Southgate Industry's cash budget for the month of July: Beginning cash balance $480,000 Cash receipts 304,000 Cash disbursements 544.000 If the company has a policy of maintaining a minimum end of the month cash balance o $400,000. the amount the company would have to borrow is A) $160,000. B) $80,000 C) $240,000. D) $96,000. 9. Which one of the following would be the same total amount on a flexible budget and a static budget if the activity level is different for the two types of budgets? A) Direct materials cost B) Direct labor cost C) Variable manufacturing overhead D) Fixed manufacturing overhead 10 The following information is taken from the production budget for the first quarter. Beginning inventory in units 1.200 Sales budgeted for the quarter 426.000 Capacity in units of production facility 472,000 How many finished goods units should be produced during the quarter if the company desires 3.200 units available to start the next quarter? A) 428.000 B) 4 4,000 C) 474.000 D) 429.200


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