The HUL Company Limited decides to replace one of its old plants with a modern one with a larger capacity. The plant when installed in 1980 cost the company Rs. 24 lakhs, the components of materials, labour and overheads being in the ratio of 5:3:2. It is ascertained that the costs of materials and labour have gone up by 40% and 80% respectively. The proportion of overheads to total costs is expected to return the same as before. The cost of the new plant as per improved design is Rs. 60 lakhs and in addition, material recovered from the old plant of a value of Rs. 2,40,000 has been used in the construction of the new plant. The old plant was scrapped and sold for Rs. 7,50,000. The accounts of the company are maintained under the Double Accounts System. Indicate how much would be capitalised and the amount that would be charged to revenue. Show the ledger accounts.