The principle of an efficient accounting system that states that an accounting system should accommodate a variety of users is a. cost effectiveness. b. flexibility. c. useful output. d. implementation. A subsidiary ledger is a. used in place of the general ledger if the general ledger is destroyed or stolen. b. a group of accounts used by branches and subsidiaries of a corporate business. c. a group of accounts with a common characteristic that provides detailed information about a control account in the general ledger. d. used to post excess transactions if a general ledger account becomes full during an accounting period Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable are examples of a. nominal accounts. b. controlling accounts. c. subsidiary ledger accounts. d. both nominal accounts and controlling accounts. In which journal would a customer's partial payment on account be recorded? a. Sales journal b. Cash receipts journal c. General journal d. Cash payments journal In which journal would a cash purchase of inventory be recorded? a. Purchases journal b. General journal c. Cash payments journal d. None of these answer choices are correct. A sales journal is used to record a. Only cash sales of merchandise. b. sales of all assets on credit and for cash. c. only credit sales of merchandise. d. credit sales of merchandise, sales returns and allowances, and sales discounts.