the unajusted trial balance of dec 31st 2016 fr the bagleyconulting comp appeas below. dec 31st is the companys fiscal yearend

accounttitle         debits         credit

cash                     8,000

acc.rec                9,000

prepidins.            3,000

land                     200,000

buildingds           50,000

accumilate dep-buildings                  20,000

officeequipmet       100,000

accum. dep. officequip.                     40,000

accountspayable                               35,000

sa. and wagespay.                                0

deffered rentrev.                                         0

commonstock                                      200,000

retainedearn,                                      56,450

salesrev                                               90,000

interestrev                                            3,000

rentrev.                                                 7,500

saleries wgesexp.                 37,000

dep. expn                               0

insexp                                     0

utilityexp                                 30,000

mainterxp                                15,000

totas                                       452,000              452,000


1.enter the account balences in t acounts

2. from thetrial balance and info given prepare adusting entriead post to the accunts

a. the buildings have an estimated useful life of 50 years withno salvage value the company uses the straight line dep. method

b. theffice equip is dep. 10% of origonal cost per year

c. prepaid ins. expired during the year 1,500

d. accrued saleries and wages at yea end 1500

e. deffered rent revenue at year end should be 1200

3. prepare an Adjusted trial balance

4. prepare closing entries

5. prepare a post closing trial balance.