Racial profiling and police brutality

The topic is racial profiling and police brutality You will be researching of topic of your choosing and writing a research paper in APA format based on a collection of 6-10 varied sources. Your paper should be 4-6 pages You research paper should include: 1. Introduction — your hypothesis 2. Review of Literature —- Primary and Secondary Sources (think back to Article Review) 3. Methodology —- Methods of the above – any flaws? Strengths and weaknesses? 4. Findings (also called Results) —– What do these mean in terms of your hypothesis? 5. Discussion — Do others agree with you hypothesis? Any criticism? 6. Conclusion —- Summary of the above 7. References (according to APA style) 1. Select a topic of interest – develop and inquiry or utilize an inquiry from the last units 2. Research – Find 6-10 varied RELIABLE CREDIBLE sources – mix of primary and secondary, you can use videos, documentaries, podcasts, database articles, statistics, newspaper articles etc. 3. Take summary notes on the sources and your note thoughts and opinions 4. Based on the research formulate a hypothesis – an ANSWER to your inquiry

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