Description . write a research proposal paper that will not be conducted in the field. put your interests in the wage disparities between African American women and Caucasian women.  emphasise that educated AA women are possibly overlooked for wage/promotional increases, opposed to Caucasian women. The paper cannot have any quoted works cited and works cited need to be completely revised in own words. use up to 5 scholarly sources.  For this class, you will write a proposal for a research study. You won’t have to carry out the research just write a proposal for one. The topic will be up to you. You may pick any topic as long as it’s within the field of psychology. Write an introduction. Explain how you got to your research ideas by summarizing the state of the research in the field (3-5 references). If you need ideas, consult your intro psychology text book, or look around in the library for a literature review. Then propose your study. Address such topics as: 1. Your subjects. Who are going to be in your study? How are you going to select your research participants? How many people? If multiple groups, how many in each? 2. Discuss the hypothesis of your experiment, and how it flows logically from the preceding discussion. 3. The procedure. Describe in detail the procedure that every participants will undergo. Include a copy of the consent form. 4. Justify the ethics of your study. If deception is required, describe and justify the deception. 5. Describe the dependent and independent variables, and what type of variables they are. Discuss their validity. 6. Describe and justify the research strategy and research design that you are using. (For instance, if you use a pretest-posttest within-group design, why that one? Why not a between-group design? Etc.) 7. Include a discussion of the internal and external validity. Describe any threat to the internal or external validity, including possible confounding variables, and discuss how your design addresses these threats.

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