Read the Hidden Tribes Report about the polarization of America. It can be found on the course dashboard. Determine which of the categories seem to fit you and describe why. Provide specific policy examples as to why this category or categories best fits you. Discuss how the fragmentation of the political landscape might make it difficult to move legislation forward and solve our national problems. What might be some concrete solutions to this situation?

Paper requirements:

· 1000 word absolute minimum,

· 12 point Arial font,

· double spaced with one in margins,

· proper spelling and grammar.

Citation Policy

During the term students are encouraged to use a wide variety of sources in the trip assignments. Your Instructor has provided students with a sampling of sources in various categories on her website under the heading “POLS WebLinks”. Students MAY NOT use the same source twice during the course. By the end of the course, many students will have used from 15-20 different sources. Students are strongly encouraged to use sources from the Instructor’s list of suggested sources. Students are strongly encouraged to use sources from many different categories such as “International Media”, “Political Journals, “Interest Groups” and Government Websites”. WIKIPEDIA is not a COLLEGE source for assignments.

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