Start by selecting FIVE players who were drafted in the 2018 NFL Draft. After selecting your players, research those players and collect as much data as possible on them. What has been said about them in the media? Do you know their Wonderlic scores? Have they given interviews and, if so, what have they said that may impact your decision? Have they been in trouble with the law or university disciplinary authorities, and, if so, for what? Do they have Facebook pages, and if so, is there anything there that impacts your decision? Similarly, do they have Twitter pages and are any of his tweets suspect? You will present all of this data in your paper. Next, research issues in psychology and/or sociology that may provide any insight into how you might look at this information. Have experts considered Wonderlic scores to be predictors of future athletic success, or even non-athletic success?

What are experts opinions on the use of social media and its misuse? You will present all of this research in your paper. Next, you will synthesize all of this information and research and provide your opinions on the viability of each player. Rate your comfort level with each player’s personality, rating each player on a scale of 1-100, with 1 being “Major personality problems, certainly will be a disaster, from personality standpoint do NOT draft” and 100 being “Perfect personality, absolutely perfect draft pick from personality standpoint.” The report shall be between 12-15 pages and is to be submitted in 12-point typed, double-spaced form. A report that does not follow this form will be deducted one point. The report requires citations to no fewer than six total sources, three of which must be scholarly journals (You may NOT use Wikipedia or any other online dictionary, encyclopedia or generalized research guide as a cited source).

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