Relationship between war and literature

Topic: Relationship between war and literature


Paper details:

Discuss the symbolic meaning of the “Mars’ Song” (i.e. the song) and the effect of its repetition in the text. Please protect next points: – Do not write more than 800 words – Focus on formulating one central argument from the literature (in additional file) – Writer is encouraged to refer to the prompts in the study guide (in additional file) to formulate an argument and give this essay a title – Essay should not be a collection to free-flowing thoughts or ideas – Essay should organized and well-structures– introduction, supporting paragraph, conclusion – Has an introductory sentence or short paragraph– this usually introduces the main argument of this paper. – Each paragraph should embody a main idea, usually in the first sentence. All sentences in the paragraph are related to the main idea – Essay should contain strong, convincing support for the main argument. – Focus on close reading of the literature. Do not use other reading source to write the essay. Only use the literature (in additional file)

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