Locate one interpersonal key term concept of their choosing (which will be about relationships) and compile the following: 1) a literature review composed of a minimum of 5 research articles; this means, a written summary of each research article and its findings; 2) a brief conclusion on how the literature review as a general study, and every article reviewed, personally applies to the student. As students conclude, they must reflect on what is learned from each individual article. Students must be specific and detailed in their review, avoid superficial restatements of abstracts, and engage in the research material in-depth. Restated in a simpler way, this project does share features of the traditional research paper format and will center the student’s own sense of self and reflection as a fragment under analysis in the conclusion portion of the work. The literature review must be in 12-point font, times new roman style, 1-inch margins all sides, double-spaced, and a minimum of five pages excluding references.

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