Report for the district administrators


Case Study You were informed in February that you would be the principal of Maynard High School beginning in July. The following is what you observed between February and the end of the current school year: 1.The high school is in its second year of existence. 2. There are 1,100 students in grades 9-11 (grade 12 is in development and will begin next year). 3. There are 45 full-time teachers. 4. The administration team currently is made up of the principal and two assistant principals. 5. There are three school counselors currently assigned by grade level. 6. The office staff consists of a receptionist, attendance clerk, and administrative assistant for the principal, and two administrative assistants supporting the assistant principals. 7. There were three assistant principals at the beginning of the current school year. One resigned at the semester break. 8. A transition principal and assistant principal from the district office have been assigned to the school until the end of the current school year. 9. Ten teachers have given notice they will not return for the next school year. They represent the core areas as well as the electives. 10. Not all of the teachers have received an evaluation this school year, and a few evaluations were written without a formal observation. 11. A few teachers have reported that standard curriculum is available, but not everyone uses it. 12. A published professional development plan is available, but sessions have not been consistently offered. 13. Teacher development days (district supported professional development days for the school) have been presented as a short initial information download and then teachers are on their own in their classrooms. 14. PLCs or CLCs are nearly non-existent. It is now July and you are the school principal.

Complete this assignment describing what you did and what you still plan to do to revive the school’s culture and success. In 1,375-words, write a report for the district administrators who hired you. In the report, describe the processes you followed and the outcomes you achieved as well as those you still plan to achieve, in each of the following areas: Assessment of the existing culture. Setting a new vision for the school. Identifying short-term and long-term goals and outcomes. Actions that were taken and actions that remain to meet the goals and outcomes. Elaborate in the fictional case as you see fit. Include the following: The leadership style and philosophy you espoused and why. How you made progress toward a student-centered environment that promoted the values of democracy, equity, and diversity within the school. How you were advocating for students and their families/caregivers. How you incorporated and/or planned to incorporate community interests and needs by building productive school relationships with community partners. Citations for 3-5 research articles that you used as the basis for your decision-making. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines Program competencies and national standards assessed in the benchmark assignment: COE 4.1 Collaborate with faculty and community members by collecting and analyzing information pertinent to the improvement of the school’s educational environment. [ELCC 4.1; PSEL 8a, 8c; MC1, MC2, MC4, MC5] COE 4.3 Respond to community interests and needs by building and sustaining positive school relationships with families and caregivers. [ELCC 4.3; PSEL 8b; MC1, MC3, MC4, MC5] COE 4.4 Respond to community interests and needs by building and sustaining productive school relationships with community partners. [ELCC 4.4; PSEL 8d; MC1, MC3, MC4, MC5] COE 5.5 Promote social justice within the school to ensure that individual student needs inform all aspects of schooling. [ELCC 5.5; PSEL 3a; MC1, MC3, MC4, MC5] Make sure all DIRECTIONS ARE FOLLOWED AND WRITING AS IF A US SCHOOL PRINCIPAL!!!

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