Research Paper- Choose a topic from the textbook and write about it. Use the following outline: Student will select one of the topic/subtopic from one of the chapter readings and write a final in-depth discussion and exploration on the topic/subtopic. The final paper must be typed (12 point), double spaced and APA style and have a cover page with title of your paper, your name and the course number. Your final paper must be divided into the following sections with each section clearly labeled: Section 1. – Provide background information on the topic/subtopic chosen to include: the nature of the problem or issue – number of people affected (if any) and treatment modalities (solutions/suggestions) Section 2. – Provide what services for this topic/subtopic are available in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area or the county where you live? Section 3. – What are the future trends present for this topic/subtopic Section 4.—Conclusion-summarize your topic/subtopic The paper should be a minimum of 5 pages and no more than 6 pages including reference page. Examples of Research Topics/Sub-topics: 1. Chapter 1-The relationship between the helper and the client-all aspects 2. Chapter 1- Evidence Based Practice 3. Chapter 3- History of Advocacy in Human Services in detail 4. Chapter 2-The Human Service Professional defined and all the different roles the professional play 5. Chapter 4- The Importance of Ethics in Human Services 6. Chapter 5-Multicultural Dimensions of Helping 7. Chapter 7- The Helping Process 8. Chapter 8-The Ins and Outs of the Client 9. Chapter 9- Working in the Human Service Field an overview 10. Chapter 10-Trends in Human Services

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