Research Paper Option: Bernie Mac Show

 To please his Uncle Bernie, Jordan tries out for the basketball team, but the coach decides he is better suited for rhythmic gymnastics. Meanwhile, Bernie’s wife Wanda coaches Bryana’s soccer team, and finds Bryana has a fighting spirit. Research Papers must reference course materials and at least one external peer reviewed journal article per question set using APA style. Your Research Papers should be 9-12 pages (not including the required reference page or optional title page); this is typically what would be required to ensure your paper is comprehensive and has a depth of analysis outline in the grading criteria. Your paper should have a maximum of 1-inch margins, Times New Roman Font size 12, and in Microsoft word format. Review the ASSIGNMENTS INFORMATION- RESEARCH PAPER section of the course. Research Papers are to be submitted by 11pm of the posted due date. Please note that there are a total of three sets of questions you must answer (see below); each set is on a specific topic we covered in the class and contains three questions. Answer the first two questions in each set of topic area questions listed below drawing from the course readings. Then answer the third question in each set using a peer reviewed article you find on your own; this means you will have to use a total of three different external peer reviewed articles. Review the ASSIGNMENTS INFORMATION- RESEARCH PAPER INFORMATION and RESEARCH PAPER EXAMPLES folder for more details. Watch Episode Via Links Here ** **

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