Research Paper ‘understanding poverty – a country case study’ Brazil

Description Structure and focus Your paper should have a clear structure, with introduction, subsections, and conclusion. It should have a clearly defined focus within the broader theme of poverty and poverty reduction. Maximum score10 / 10 Concepts and arguments grounded in the academic literature The key terms and concepts you use should be clearly defined and referenced to the academic literature. Your arguments should be grounded in the academic literature. The academic literature relevant to your topic should be covered in some depth and analysed beyond just summarising. Maximum score15 / 15 Currrent information and data Primary data, such as statistics, policy documents and case study information, should be used wherever appropriate to strengthen your argument. This information should be as up-to-date as possible (historical trends can also be useful), contextualised, and analysed critically. Maximum score15 / 15 Referencing and academic integrity Your paper should be accurately referenced and demonstrate academic integrity (please read the information on the topic FLO about academic integrity). It should follow either the note or the author-date system of referencing and include a full reference list. Maximum score10

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